#Digital Disruption success criteria by Andrew Morrison

Tue, 12/18/2018 - 18:26 By hannah

#Digital Disruption success criteria
Delivering digital disruption is the new norm, business lifespans are reducing and differentiation is now critical to distinguish customer experience and enhance access, adoption and retention. M4’s experience and engagements highlight a number of common success criteria:

1. Senior organisational and executive sponsorship
2. True agility in IT Delivery, willingness to experiment, fail and realign quickly
3. Clear alignment from the Executive to all functions to create an Enterprise Portfolio approach
4. Philosophy of Continuous Improvement and Continuous Delivery
5. Cloud Native assumption with clear plans for legacy applications
6. Clear understanding of “Specialist” functions, bespoke IP and non-core functions
7. Continuous Deployment

Approaching Digital Transformation on the basis of these principles increases quality, reduces cycles and deployment risks enabling organisations to react quickly to market changes and create an environment where ideas can be tested quickly to minimise waste and cycle time.

This approach requires rigorous discipline from our project teams and client confidence in, ultimately, the automation of deployment and testing. Contact us for more information

Andrew Morrison
Non-Exec Director

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