about us

The world of print services is changing. Increasingly the requirement for advanced printing and related digital solutions requires deep subject matter expertise and tried and tested methodologies.

The M4 Print Professional Service team provide the resources, tools, industry expertise and vendor independent approach, for any project from initiation through assessment and design, strategic sourcing or through to full implementation and day one operations. With print and document management playing a pivotal role in digital transformation, the M4 team provide the expertise to leverage the digital workflow and office productivity platform and process improvement opportunities available. Additionally, with the growing demand for Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service, we are uniquely placed to design the standards and infrastructure required to underpin the service and ensure true mobility and flexibility of native cloud applications.

  • M4 Print Evaluation & Assessment- Client or vendor side team of experts to facilitate and accelerate initiation and design phase of your MPS strategy. With the analytics and mapping tools necessary, M4 can ensure total clarity on current state and desired future state.
  • M4 Print Strategic Sourcing -True vendor neutral expertise to not only seek a better rate or price but fully leverage the latest commercial models, cost drivers and, through effective design of your request, avoid the pitfalls of flawed execution, challenged benefit realization and delayed transformation.
  • M4 Print Imp/ Transformation - Expert PMO teams to secure this critical stage of the initiative that defines first user experience, ensures on time and on budget delivery, holds all accountable to both transition plans and the promise of transformation.
  • M4 Cloud Print Enablement -Deep subject matter expertise, delivered from a neural standpoint, on standards, requirements, design and enablement of cloud and infrastructure as a service solution for print.